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Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O) is the name given to the process of gearing your website up to ‘rank’ or appear on Google and other Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) when people type in relevant search terms.


In other words, If you are a driving instructor based in Glasgow then a strong S.E.O strategy will help your website appear to customers searching online for ‘Driving lessons in Glasgow’.


A solid S.E.O strategy is a corner-stone in any digital marketing strategy and drives ‘organic’ traffic towards your site, meaning that you are drawing eyeballs to your content without having to part with your cash every time they click through to your site.


The more SEO friendly your website is, then the closer you get to that coveted number one spot on Google searches, and subsequently the more potential customers you attract.


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Principally we need to ask two very important questions, where are you just now, and where do you want to be?


This will allow us to understand the keywords and terms you wish to be associated with, and from that point, we can get to work increasing your brand’s visibility online.


Some common features of an S.E.O strategy are:



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Website Audit: We will review your current content and how effective it is from a keyword ranking standpoint.


Keyword Research: So you want your business to rank on google, right? But do you know what your potential customers are searching for? Keyword research gives us this insight and allows us to build content around the actual terms people are using in order for your content to be found. If your site is focused on attracting users searching for ‘Driving lessons in Glasgow’ then imagine all the traffic you are missing out on when people are searching related keywords such as ‘Driving instructor with an automatic car in Glasgow’.

Content Writing: As a consequence of the last step, we now need to make sure you have lots of lovely keyword focused content that will meet the needs of all your potential customers and encourage Google to boost your site up higher in the rankings.


Link Building: Google favours sites that have high ‘authority’ scores, and one of the principle ways they define this is by rating your site based on how many external sites link to your content. Our job is to write catchy engaging and relevant content that others will want to host, and thereby enhance your ‘authority’.

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