Digital tracking and evaluation is how you know if your online strategy is working, what you are doing right, and just as importantly, what you are doing wrong.


We place collecting and tracking data at the heart of everything we do for two reasons:


Firstly, the client must clearly and simply be able to see the results from their marketing investment.


And secondly, close analysis of the data provides the insight that allows our digital strategists to optimise, enhance and improve your online performance going forward.


We provide monthly ‘tracking’, or progress reports, with all of our digital services to give you a clear indication of how your marketing spend has affected your revenue, lead generation and site performance amongst other key performance indicators.

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One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is that you don't have to wait until the end of a campaign to find out if you have been successful or not.


Our digital experts are able to analyse the results and optimise your campaign in real-time. Providing you with in-depth, customisable and insightful data to inform marketing decision-making. 


This enables us to analyse and study the data to identify significant figures or trends to help shape your campaign.  


Depending on your business and marketing aspirations, we can help you find the best metrics to evaluate the success of your marketing efforts.


The number of metrics we can track is too immeasurable to list here, but we can summarise some of the main elements below:

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Web Performance: How many people are visiting your website, what landing pages lead to the most conversions? What impact are our SEO efforts having on your page ranking and results from your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.


Cost per Conversion (CPC): This figure refers to how much you have spent for each new lead. Our CPC specialists will offer advice and guidance on what a favourable and achievable CPC should be dependant on your line of business and your marketing goals.


Return on Investment (ROI): Ultimately your ROI is the biggest indicator of whether your marketing campaign is successful or not. If your ROI figure is negative then we are not doing our job properly!


Data for Strategic Reasons: Our marketing strategists will pour over the tracking results to seek out opportunities to exploit. This will help us optimise your marketing communications to better engage your audience.

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